Corporate Social Responsibility Statement

Nature's Appeal Manufacturing Corp., based in Addison, IL, is a family-owned business since 1998. Every business decision is established with core values concerning environmental safety of their products and the social impact of its business actions and product results. It is a manufacturer and marketer of environmentally safe solid, odor absorbing gels and liquids.

In 1998, Ralph Jollette, developed an odor eliminator for the hospitality and resort industries. At that time, Nature's Appeal Manufacturing Corp., was comprised of just his wife and a few employees. Today, it has developed into a worldwide distribution launching a family of products that are all environmentally friendly and recyclable.

Nature's Appeal prides itself on American made products, creating jobs and income for Americans. All products are manufactured in Illinois and shipped worldwide to Europe, Asia, South America, Australia and the West Indies. Nature's Appeal is committed to becoming the largest marketer of malodor counteracting gels and liquids.