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Nature's appeal puck®

Commercial quality now available at home!

For over 2 decades, Nature's Appeal® has been successfully used in thousands of applications around the hospitality industry, to eliminate offensive odors in guest rooms, kitchens, meeting rooms and large convention spaces, where smells can hide. Now, brought to you with it's convenient design, Nature's Appeal Puck® is constructed to fit in small and tight areas.

By simply placing Nature's Appeal Puck® in any HVAC system, PTAC unit, or Room Air Handling System, Nature's Appeal Puck will destroy suspended odors left lingering behind. This powerful Puck is strong enough to eliminate all room odors, resulting in purer, fresher, clean smelling air.

Example Uses

Gym bags, lockers, dorm rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, closets, dirty laundry, garbage food odors, cooking odors, pet areas

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Price: 2.99/each or 5-pack for $12.00

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