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Tank Display
customer testimonials

Karen Manley

Our family is very happy with your products. We would smell a sickening baby powder smell when we walked in the door. My son used Sniper and Tank on the areas where the smells were coming from. He pinpointed to the kitchen cupboards by the window and the odor was eliminated after using your products. I don't smell it anymore. We followed your directions and kept the Tank and Sniper sealed for other issues.

You products are great. I will share them with my family and friends. Thank you for making a better world for my family.

Karen Manley
Hale Michigan

buzz croner

Your product is outstanding! After some horrible smells appeared in my apartment from a neighbor, the Sniper product did the trick.

Thank You!
Buzz Croner

ruby kovar lagrange, tx

Thank you for my care package. I call it that because it takes care of any stink around. Wonderful stuff. I told both of my daughters about sniper. They tried it and both ordered it on the internet. Were amazed that such a small squirt was all it took to take care of a big stink. One time Mom knew best. Hope to find it in our local stores soon. Bet it wouldn't stay on the shelf long once people tried it.

Wish you much success with this wonderful product.

I'm a "Sniper" fan.

Ruby Kovar
850 Helter Street
LaGrange, TX 78945

Amy O'Sullivan/Manteno, IL

I was struggling with major pet order in my home.  I have a large golden retriever and two house cats.  A business acquaintance told me to try Nature's Appeal Sniper One Spray Stink Away.  It does exactly as it indicates on the bottle.  One Spray and my entire home was filled with a refreshing scent.  It definitely lives up to it's name.  I strongly suggest this product to anyone who struggles with pet odor.   

Thank you so much!!

Amy O'Sullivan
SBI - Mokena
Branch Manager


My fiancé and I recently purchased a house. The house had some foul odors that just seemed to lingered around and nothing seemed to take care of the smell, only cover it up for a short period of time. When I spoke with Ralph he had mentioned two products he felt could resolve my problem. Those products were Tank and Sniper. I went to the local Ace Hardware and purchased both. When I got home I put tank in a bedroom and in the basement. Within just a day we noticed a huge difference. Within two days the odor was gone. Not covered up, but gone. Thank you Ralph I will continue to use you product and I hope everyone with an odor issue is turned to you.

Ryan McNanna
Bankers Life and Casualty

customer from CHICAGO, il

My name is Jose Mendez and I work by Midway Airport in Chicago. On Thursday July 26th 2012, @ midnight our two dogs got sprayed by a skunk. We let them back in our three-level home and now the skunk odor is throughout and overpowering.

I purchased your products, TANK and SNIPER at ACE hardware in Addison Illinois. I want to tell you that your products really do work. Thank you for everything. People actually came over to our home and I asked them if they could smell any skunk, and they said it smells fresh in my house. The spray works like a wonder. Sprayed and killed odors quick! Thanks, again, I will recommend your product to anyone that has bad odors.

Work # 708-405-5000
Cell # 312-636-9959


Wanted to let you know that I used the kit you sent me and I am very impressed.   I placed a total of 6 containers throughout the house and left town for the weekend with much anticipation of eliminating the cat odor that remained in the house.  Happy to say that upon our return yesterday the results were amazing.  We didn’t smell the cat odor at all when we entered the house.  Your product is A+ in my book and has made me very happy.  I wish you all the best and will certainly order as needed and refer you to all!

Thanks much,


I liked your facebook page a long time ago and I definitely LOVE Tank. My daughter ordered some for me for my basement crawlspace. It had always had a musty order smell because of the dirt floor, but Tank has made a huge difference. Now I don't mind going into the storage area where the crawlspace is.


Barb Noga

Customer from naperville, illinois

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To Whom It May Concern:

I have been using this product in my home for years! 

It was originally labeled "Nature's Appeal," and was only available for commercial use.

Our home is a 60 year old split-level and lacks a decent airflow pattern. During periods of nice weather, we tend to leave our windows closed and run the air conditioning because of allergy problems.

This product not only eliminates musty smells and other odors, but leaves our home smelling fresh without the heavy smell of perfume or fragrance.

I always knew it worked well, but never realized how well until my college-aged son asked me if he could take several away to school with him!

I highly recommend ordering this stuff by the case!!! I enjoy using them in multiple rooms on different levels of our home, as well as the air flow compartment of my HVAC unit.

I am very pleased to see this product has been relabeled as “Attack Stink� and that it is now available for retail purchase at www.attackstink.com!


Kathy Thomas
Kathy's Custom Cornices and Draperies
Naperville, Illinois 60540

Customer from naperville, illinois

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I just had to write and tell you about your product that I recently used. My home is near a pond, and I have 2 sump pumps. The other day, the power went out from a bad storm, the sump pumps did not work, and I got over 1 foot of water in my basement - a basement of 3,000 square feet.

The next day, I rented an auxiliary pump and got the water out. Of course, soon after that, there was an odor of mold and mildew. Although the basement is unfinished, there were many stored items that became wet.

I had heard about your product and tried it. I opened 4 canisters of your product and placed them throughout the basement. I brought in 2 fans to help dry out the area and help your product work.

To my great surprise, within 3 days, you could barely notice the odor, and after 7 days, there was no discernable odor. I have left your product down there and will refresh after it totally evaporates. It is amazing to me that there is no odor or perfume from your product. It's as though the odor is eliminated not covered over!

I'm especially happy that your product is safe around my 2 dogs and cat - even though I don't let them down there, they sometimes want to explore.

I am very pleased with your product and I plan to tell my friends the results of my use of your product.

Carl E. Peterson
Naperville IL 60540

Walker Business Advisory Services

I am currently employed with Walker Business Advisory Services and I just wanted to let you know how much I love your Tank Product. 

Monty had some from awhile ago and said I could take it home.  We have 4 cats and I am a smoker.  The scents are gone.  Your product is AWESOME. 

I am emailing to find out if you sell the products at a specific location or if you have to buy them online. 

I definitely would like to have some more.

Please email me back on where I can purchase the product and let me know the price. 

Thank you,
Walker Business Advisory Services

double diamond services inc.

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We've been a big fan of you product for years now. We use it in our professional environment, as well as in our home. If there is ANY odor we want to eliminate, we use Nature's Appeal®. We've raved about it so much; we've given it to friends and family for their use as well.

After discovering how quickly and effectively it eliminated odors from our worksites, we began using it at home. We no longer worry about cooking fried foods, having smokers or dirty work clothes in the laundry — all because we have your product. With its convenient size, we've also used it in the company's work vehicles.

We seriously cannot live without Nature's Appeal®, so keep up the good work and if you ever change locations, please remember to contact your number one fans!


Patrick Winston
Patricia Mahon

Amidax Trading Group

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We purchased 16 oz. Blocks of your gel which absorbs odors and we installed them at our clients facility in Philadelphia. Our client is Thomas Jefferson University Hospital and we were very pleased with the result. Part of the contract we received for your Gels is for Bathrooms in 3 floor and Emergency Room Unit (5 bathrooms) as well as the HVAC Unit (where infectious material is being boiled). As you know, the traffic is high and the smells abound. Your product was able to manage a reduction in smells at the HVAC and controls and eliminates them in the bathrooms.

Many thanks for presenting your products to us, we will definitely continue using the.

Kindest Regards,
Marcelo Schor - President
Amidax Trading Group


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Just a heads up! We found the answer to the skunk smell problems, the wife brought the dog to the pet groomer, and by chance, a dog was there that got sprayed. It seems your product was the talk of the town! Tank (www.attackstink.com) eliminated the skunk smell in this lady's house completely! The store owner wants to sell your product...

Thanks Again!

southern appeal carpet & upholstery cleaners, inc.

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Southern Appeal Carpet & Upholstery Cleaners has been in the business of Hotel Hygiene since 1998. In this time, the best product we have encountered for eliminating odors from guest rooms and public areas has been Nature's Appeal®. Some of the properties we service have kitchens. The guests sometimes cook distinct smelling dishes that leave lingering odors such as curry and other fragrant spices. In addition, we have encountered times when the food has been burnt, left out of the refrigerator, or disposed in the garbage in the room again leaving lingering odors in the rooms. We have tried many different products, but the use of Nature's Appeal® has put Southern Appeal in a unique position among out competitors to be able to eliminate the odor with little turn-around time. The product is extremely effective and establishes our company as an expert among our competitors. Other typical odors that we consistently use the product for include smoke smell, mildew odor and body odor. In all our years of servicing the hospitality industry, I have not encountered any odors that I have not been able to eliminate with Nature's Appeal®.

I would highly recommend this product for eliminating any odors. In addition, the product does not add an offensive "cover up" smell. There is no perfume smell added to the area. The area simply smells fresh, clean and ODOR FREE.

customer from lombard, illinois

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I just wanted to drop a line to say how very pleased I am with your product. I have tried others, but they could not compare with Nature's Appeal®. The scent is very pleasant and not overpowering. It lasts for months instead of weeks, like other products. I use it everywhere, especially when I have gotten some water in the basement or crawl space. There is one in the crawl space at all times to keep it fresh. I am very satisfied with your product.

Thank you for making it available,

JoAnn McIntosh Sacco

customer from illinois

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My entire house with the exception of one room and 1/2 bath got skunked. Even furniture and clothing got skunked that the dogs didn't go near. The smell just absorbed into everything it could. Myself and my 3 week old daughter smelled like skunk... Our insurance company couldn't help us with our loses and offered a cleaning service to try and get the smell out but no guarantees, however we couldn't afford the deductible cause I stopped working to have a baby... My husband and I sat with Ralph and Carolyn while they explained how to use Nature's Appeal. We arrived back at our house around 9:30 that Thursday (October 14th). I put two 4lb. containers in one of the worst rooms and the other two in the next room, within 2 hours I already noticed a difference. By the 3rd day our house was 80-85% free of skunk. Currently, we are 99% free of skunk...

Thank you very Much!!!

The Aguines